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  • Added 4 lore quests to the expedition area.
  • Added new arena quests.
  • Added new quests in expedition area.
  • Re-balanced arena bosses armor.
  • Removed portal to wrath mountains.
  • Changed teleportation crystals to unlimited uses.
  • Changed access to Wrath Mountains to level 80 only.
  • Added new npc that can change your character into an animal or demon.
  • Added new items, gold and level ups to the point store npc.
  • New scripted clerics in wrath mountains.
  • Blackwing Lair first boss encounter fixed.
  • Coren Direbrew boss encounter fixed.


  • The Battered hilt quest chain has been fixed.
  • Fable Weapons have been re-balanced some more.
  • Increased the drop rates in ICC for Emblems of Frost.
  • Increased variety and amount of items found in our Auction House.
  • New graveyard added to the Expedition Area.

  • Elementium Bars can now be purchased from our Master Ore Vendor.
  • Emblems of Frost can now be found in Lucky Token Pouches.

  • Warchief Rend Blackhand encounter re-scripted.
  • The Twist encounter re-scripted.
  • The Headless Horseman in the Arena encounter re-scripted.
  • Devourer of Souls in the Arena encounter re-scripted.
  • King Gordok in the Arena encounter re-scripted.
  • Kuan Zar has been rescripted.
  • Blizzard has been rescripted.
  • Pathaleon the Calculator in the Arena encounter re-scripted.


  • New Point Balance NPC can tell you your current gametime point balance and has been added to Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
  • New Point Shop NPC allows you shop using your gametime points. This NPC has been added to Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
  • An Item Set vendor can be found in Dalaran and possibly elsewhere. This npc sells item sets starting at ilevel 213 for all classes.
  • A Master Gem Vendor has been added to the King's Classic Tavern and the Undercity Apothecary.
  • New Raid NPC that can teleport you to ANY raid for a small fee. This new npc can be found in Dalaran only.
  • Many broken quests, items and scripts removed from the server.
  • Major fixes to our gametime point system.
  • XP rates are boosted on Saturday & Sunday.
  • Improved several custom npcs by giving them the ability to engage in conversation with neighboring npcs.
  • Some new familiar faces can be battled in the Arena!
  • Keep your eyes peeled for the new 'Twist'. This level 85 epic world boss roams the lands of Azeroth as an invisible being. When he decides to make himself visible the server will announce his location. But be fast, he doesn't ever stay long.
  • Stratholme Dungeon fixed so you can now reach Baron Riverdare.
  • Blood Furnace has been rescripted and is now working 100%.
  • Amanitar in Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom has been rescripted and is now working 100%.
  • Known Core Issues are now listed on our discord.
  • Massive upgrade to our website including a new front page, a list of richest players and more.
  • Online store has been removed from the website and replaced with an in-game NPC.


  • Take a journey through Azeroth and beyond to learn why there is an alien from beyond the Twisting Nether frozen in a block of solid ice just outside of Ironforge in a Secret Excavation Site.
  • New hidden area packed with new lore, new npcs, new quests and a new type of weapons for every class.
  • A 2,000 year old Alien frozen in ice?
  • Henchmen Master added to Dalaran.
  • New speed trinkets available from Dalaran trinket shop.
  • Transmogrifier NPC added to Stormwind, Orgrimmar and Undercity.
  • Several new npcs, vendors and quest givers have been added to our new area - Secret Excavation Site.
  • There is a new mysterious dwarf fishing off the docks of Booty Bay that knows something about the new area - Secret Excavation Site.
  • New very special unreleased mounts vendor digging around the Wyrmskull Bridge area in the Blade's Edge Mountains of Outlands.
  • New Coin of Fables - Token used to purchase our new class gear. This coin can be earned thru a long and tedious questline you can pickup in our new area - Secret Excavation Site.
  • Death Knight starter quest fixed.
  • The maximum profession count has been adjusted up to 3.
  • We have added a help section to the website to answer the most asked questions from this discord channel and our in game ticket system.


  • Librarian added, down inside Shattrath that can teach profession boosts.
  • New custom henchmen have been added to our roster. (Likwid, Arthus, Thomas, Gomer)
  • New quests added to the Arena which reward titles, ranks and Arena Tokens.
  • Fabled Class Weapons available from a special questline. (quests not yet released)
  • "Guide to Animal Transformation" available for 25 Wrath Tokens or 5 Arena Tokens.
  • Wrath Tokens can now be disenchanted from Jurassic Wristguards, Grizzled Boots and Boarhide Leggings.
  • Lucky Token Pouches can now be disenchanted from Darkmoon Chain Shirt, Darkmoon Vest and Overseer's Ring.
  • Unn Knowne, our special mount vendor now has unreleased mounts.
  • Custom bosses have been re-balanced.
  • Henchmen have been re-balanced.

Underground Arena Update


  • The dwarves of Ironforge and the Demons of the Outlands have teamed up to bring you a devious battle circuit Arena located deep underground beneath Ironforge.
  • Each battle must be arranged with the battlemaster and has a high price. The rewards for the Arena are second to none. So come battle and bring your team with you!
  • New ARENA TOKEN can be earned from participating in the new underground arena.
  • Xavier Missions - Speak to Xavier in the Sewers of Dalaran to gain entrance to the arena for free. Xavier also has special bounties for the bosses that you can battle inside the Arena.
  • Traggaz the Underground Battlemaster - Once inside the Underground Battle Arena you can speak to Traggaz to arrange a battle with one of the available bosses.
  • Jeremiah The Cunning - Found in the battle arena area you can exchange your Arena Tokens with him for epic gear.
  • New characters should now come with 4 small bags equipped.
  • Rates have been fixed to start as 1x until you reach the RATE NPC in your factions main city.


  • Input Lag - Fixed a bug causing massive amounts of input lag on the server.
  • Halls of Reflection - Fixed a bug causing Lich King to run too fast after the group.

  • Token Quests - Several new quests have been added which include wrath tokens as a final reward. You can find a quest chain in Stormwind and also in Orgrimmar.

  • Portia Z'Real - You can find portia wandering thru Goldshire or possibly even Durotar. She sells our brand new teleportation crystals, which you can use to teleport to main cities.

  • Teleportation Crystals - These new items will take you to one of the main cities depending on which crystal you use. You can get these from the crystal vendor Portia Z'Real, located in Goldshire or Durotar.
  • 'Lucky' Token Box - This new mini chest can contain between 0 and 3 wrath tokens. Where these boxes come from is a suprise.

Point System Update

Players will now earn 1 point for every few minutes they spend online playing. These points can be saved up and spent in our new shop on various items and buffs.

Stop by to check your balance and also check out the new store!

King's Classic Tavern

A brand new custom tavern has opened in the park section of Stormwind City. Here you can find a collection of bartenders, drunks, locals and special vendors. You can also find some brand new Token Vendors here as well.

New Custom Malls

The alliance and horde both have new custom malls full of locals vendors and special token vendors. The alliance mall is located in the King's Classic Tavern in Stormind. The horde mall is buried deep underground in the Apothecary section of the Undercity. For a complete list of the new vendors please see below.

New Custom Vendors

  • Captain Goodbody - Master Fishing Vendor
  • Viper Bailey - Master Dust Vendor
  • Eudora The Gardener - Master Herb Vendor
  • Meliisa The Digger - Master Ore Vendor
  • Griffin The Skinner - Master Leather Vendor
  • Jack The Tailor - Master Cloth Vendor
  • Pickpocket Jean - Master Bag Vendor
  • Kaitlyn The Scribe - Master Glyph Vendor
  • Lil' Stoney - Master Pet Vendor
  • Thessi The Collector - Master Heirloom Vendor
  • Grifri The Locksmith - Master Key Vendor
  • Thaphro The Wild - Master Mount Vendor

New Token

We are proud to announce the return of the Wrath Classic Token. This token can be earned from winning duels, completing special quests or hidden in chests. You can spend your tokens at the special token vendors located inside the alliance or horde malls.