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  • Added a new Black Market NPC in the dalaran sewer. Deals change daily, bring your tokens!
  • Added Raidz, the raid teleport npc into the Secret Expedition Area.
  • Fixed some texture issues that caused the client to not show water in Main Cities.
  • Updated scenario book in Dalaran with 3 new scenarios.
  • Fixed and updated the Gurubashi arena champion.
  • Added new loot for The Jailer in the Underground Arena.
  • Fixed several endgame quest items that were not dropping as expected.


    • Added a new weekly master chest in the dalaran sewers. Complete the weekly quest from the master chest npc to earn your key.
    • Added 3 new Scenarios, The Shade Forest, Trouble in Stormwind, & New Avalon Reborn.
    • Added a content tour guide in Stormwind and Orgrimmar to help players find the entrances to our custom content.
    • New Gurubashi Champion, Xork the Experiment.
    • Added new unique custom epic weapons for the weekly chest.
    • Removed Rob the Hunter, this was our Beastmaster npc.
    • Updated the Point Store inventory.
    • Fixed some major lag and disconnecting issues.
    • Fixed low level dungeons loading for higher level players using RDF.
    • Fixed some low level lore npcs in and around main cities.


    • Added a new potions vendor and faction mall on a side island off of Dalaran, for those who can fly to reach it.
    • Added a henchmen master to Darnassus.
    • Fixed the Random Dungeon Finder. No more dungeons beneath your level.
    • Adjusted some bugged quest items that were not dropping.
    • Updated and adjusted the loot tables for the Underground Arena.
    • Added new SCENARIOS, 5 man timed content with special rewards - Scenario Badges.
    • Added a new scenario npc which sells rare goodies in exchange for scenario badges.
    • Added a Scenario Starter npc in Dalaran. Starting a scenario costs 5 wrath tokens.


    • Fixed Ouro in Ahn'Qiraj raid to make his encounter 100% working.
    • Corrected raid boss loot and gold drops.
    • Added 5 new raid bosses to the floating platforms above the Majestic Wilds. Can you make it to the top and earn a boost token?
    • A demonic baby burning scene was added to the wilds.
    • Added a new HARDMODE system which you can activate at level 1 only. This mode gives your player a large debuff, 1x XP rate and only ONE life. If you die in hardmode your character will never have a chance to activate hardmode again. To activate hardmode, speak to one of our new hardmode npcs found in your starter area. Completing hardmode to level 80 grants you 100k, 50 Wrath Tokens, 50 Fiery Souls and a special Hardmode title.
    • Added 2 new npcs, one to help you get signed up for hardmode and supply you with some nifty leveling quests, and the other will sell you exclusive heirlooms if you have hardmode activated.
    • Added new quests to guide you through your hardmode leveling.
    • Added a new Hardmode Master title that you can get from reaching level 80 with hardmode enabled.
    • The Wrath Classic Ring was updated with stamina, haste & expertise stats.


    • Added notification when players list items in auction house.
    • Added a new feature - The Nightmare Forge, which crafts legendary head pieces for all classes. This can be found in the Majestic Wilds, Nightmare Realm.
    • New Gurubashi Champion!
    • Rebalanced EVERY custom enemy, zone, dungeon and boss.
    • Added several new dailies and escort quest to The Wilds and Wrath Mountains with amazing rewards.
    • Added a new 11 tier questline to take level 80 players thru our custom content.
    • Added 10 new 'Toys' that are available from the Dalaran toy shop.
    • Added new legendary items.


    • Fixed a security issue with the Import System. This system is now functioning safely.
    • Fixed some scripting issues causing custom foes and bosses to not target henchmen.
    • Fixed a scripting issue where the killer of a boss would not recieve the appropriate achievement if a henchmen did the final blow.
    • Fixed a bug with black knight not awarding achievement on death.
    • Added loot to many custom enemies who previously had none.
    • Added 32 new custom pieces of ilvl 267 gear, weapons & armor that can be looted from custom foes.
    • Every hour or so a Gambler will come to town offering a very special service for 5 wrath tokens.


    • Starting on December 10th, 2022 The Underground Arena will start keeping stats on the players who compete in it. If you visit the Arena you will see a new flaming green NPC named Twizzy. Twizzy is the official score keeper for the Underground Arena and speaking to him will provide you with several new stats including your total wins, the top arena winner and total player wins in the Arena.
    • Added several new top tier shields and a new shield vendor named Sergeant Willard which can be found with the travelling shop in Ratchet and Stranglethorn Vale.
    • Had to remove some broken features and npcs. The form changer is gone from the travelling shop.
    • Updated the Sons of Hodnir questline to make it able to be completed.
    • Henchmen will now stay by your side until you dismiss them or log off for 36 hours!
    • Fixed Anastasia Klump, the Hunt NPC, from exposing players accounts name when looking up the top hunt player.
    • Fixed the Hunt page on our website from exposing players accounts name when looking up the top hunt players.
    • Fixed a bug in Blackrock Spire with Warchief Rend Blackhand encounter.
    • Fixed a bug with Baelmon Jr. teleporting players into a TBC raid.
    • Fixed several bugs inside the Sunwell raid including several loot tables and boss encounters.
    • Fixed a bug with the Dragonmaw Race in Shadowmoon Valley.
    • Fixed a bug with the Battle Fairy where she would vanish mid battle.
    • Added a new area, Majestic Wilds. Read more here :
    • Added 15 new quests into the Majestic Wilds area.
    • Added a new Fabled Amulet that you can craft in the Majestic Wilds.
    • Introducing Invasions. These are heavily scripted boss invasions taking place in main cities with amazing loot opportunities for those who help stop the Invasion. Our first Invasions will be coming to Stormwind, Orgrimmar & Dalaran shortly.


    • Increased the chance of getting a Wrath Token from the Lucky Token Pouches.
    • LOOT UPDATE 1 - Major update to loot drops. Correcting many enemies and bosses from dropping incorrect loot and too much loot.
    • LOOT UPDATE 2 - All custom bosses and foes now drop custom gear instead of ICC gear.
    • Added a very special NPC to the travelling shop. Just don't bother bringing a druid.
    • Added a new area called The Crypts, for more information on the new zone please see our guide section.
    • Added a new upgradeable shirt that goes from common trash to legendary must-have gear.
    • Added several new npcs, quests, foes and a new boss in The Crypt. For more information search 'crypt' on our item page.
    • Added a special world boss event, Satan Clause. You can find this event in your dungeon finder if your level 80.
    • Added 8-10 new pieces of custom gear. For more information please see our item page.


    • Added new Food, Gems, Rare Axes and Mysterious Potions that are available only from a travelling shop that makes an appearance near the Gurubashi Arena and also the entrance to Ratchet every 6 hours. Keep your eyes peeled!
    • Added a second hearthstone that can be used for transportation to Dalaran.
    • Added a new ilvl 300 one-hand Axe that can be purchased from Stacy at the travelling shop.
    • Added a new jewel you receive when you kill a player in PVP that yields honor. This token can be traded into Steven Jems in Dalaran for other valuable tokens.
    • Added a new hunter named Rob, who can assist any hunter with taming any known pet. Rob can be found in your faction mall.
    • Added a new trinket collector in dalaran who will be glad to take your new PVP jewels in exchange for goodies.
    • Added new lengthy questline in the Wrath Mountains. If you complete it you win a mount and a second hearthstone.
    • Added some new items and quests to attain the items. Good luck!
    • Added a new holiday outfit to the Points Vendor for 100 points.
    • Fixed a bug with Fabled ranged weapons not working with arrows.
    • Fixed a bug with Wrath Mountain Quest Rewards not functioning.
    • Fixed an issue with DK items from the item set dealer.


    • New world dungeon located underneath Stormwind in the old prison.
    • Added several new trash foes, guards and other prison residents.
    • Added a quest npc named, Helyas the Brave that can be found at the prison entrance.
    • Added an NPC, named Xartgh, who may or may not need to be rescued from the Prison.
    • Added a demon mini-boss - Tirgros.
    • Added a demon/dragon final boss - Dregdraxoth.
    • Added new loot drops for all enemies inside the Prison.
    • Added 2 AMAZING new warglaive weapons.
    • Added a new Fishing Pole that offers a HUGE fishing skill boost.
    • Added 26 new indestructible epic Weapons that never take damage and can never break.
    • Added a new item - Fiery Soul Remnant, which can be used to purchase new indestructible legendary weapons.
    • Added Shiny Piles of gold laying around the prison that may contain tokens and souls.
    • Added randomly spawning Prison Trunks inside the Prison that contain goodies, tokens and souls.
    • Added a new Glyph Vendor to the faction malls.
    • Removed Arena Ranking requirement from PVP gear and the PVP vendors.
    • Massive Re-balance of enemies in Underground Arena, wrath Mountains and elsewhere.
    • Massive Re-balance of Fabled Weapons as well as some new ranged Fabled weapons.
    • Fixed a few bugs with the End Game questline.
    • Dungeon Finder now has every dungeon listed that you are high enough level for.
    • Increased the exchange rate for Wrath Tokens into Emblems!
    • Added a new category full of Achievements - 'Wrath Classic'
    • Added new henchmen located near Icecrown Citadel, Sunwell Plateau, Bot Mall and inside the Alliance Prison.
    • Removed the broken Ship Battle from ICC making the raid able to be cleared now.
    • Added over 25 new epic weapons acquirable by farming demon souls from all over Azeroth.
    • Updated and added many new guides on our website.


    • Added a new appearance NPC to alter your faction, race, appearance and even name! He can be found in the Stormwind Harbor or the Undercity entrance!
    • Added a new quest NPC into the Wrath Mountain start area, Erzra The Dragon Hunter.
    • Item levels of custom gear adjusted. The new max ilvl for this server is 284.
    • Added a new trinket you can earn by completing a new Wrath Mountain quest, Ebony Dragon Scale.
    • Added a mount that was previously unavailable that you can earn by completing a new Wrath Mountain quest, The Black Drake.
    • Added new items sets to John Seenya and John Joonya.
    • Rebalanced the Fabled class weapons to more closely fit the appropriate class.
    • Added a new Fabled Crossbow, Fabled Shotgun and Fabled Wand.
    • Added functioning world chat. To use it start your message with .chat
    • We now accept donations with PayPal.
    • Added a welcome announcement message to brand new players!
    • Added new commands to Jacob, the Personal Assistant.
    • Added a new randomly spawned Server Chest in the Isle of Quel'Danas.
    • Multiplied server wide honor gains by 500%.
    • Added a new title for those who complete The End Game quest.
    • Added a new boss in the Wrath Mountains, Morbrid The Dragonlord.
    • Added a new massive questline called The End Game. Check out guide section for a walkthru.


    • Enabled the in-game help ticket function. Now players can submit tickets to GMs thru the help menu.
    • Re-balanced The Black Knight from The Classic Trials of Wrath dungeon for normal and heroic modes.
    • Fixed an issue with 2 handed Fabled weapons.
    • Re-balanced most of the enemies and bosses from the Wrath Mountains.
    • Corrected and added some new updated loot tables.
    • Fixed an issue with bosses not spawning for everyone in The Classic Trial of Wrath dungeon.
    • Fixed a bug with the new tomes resetting players talents when used to learn a new spell.
    • Fixed an issue with some innkeepers not functioning properly.
    • Added a ilvl 245 rogue gear bundle to John Joonya.
    • Added a bundle of Frozen Orbs to Jeffrey Wraths inventory.
    • Added a one-handed Fabled sword.
    • Added a one-handed combat Fabled Axe.
    • Added a very special mini pet available from Bazhuul for 25 tokens or the Wrath Mountain chests.
    • Created a bot mall to purchase gear for your henchmen. You can find the portal to the mall in Stormwind City behind the wagon in the trade district or Orgrimmar, in the center of the city.
    • Added several new bot gear vendors located in the new bot mall.
    • Added a new special boss to the underground arena and a quest to match!
    • Added a new innkeeper, Innkeeper Springsteen to the Expedition Area.
    • Added a heroic version of the quest for The Classic Trial of Wrath dungeon.


    • Main page of the website has been updated.
    • Support page of the website has been updated.
    • Blog containing articles and guides has been added to the website.
    • Added some temporary NPCs with some Wizard of OZ vibes to help gain wrath tokens and gold. These new npcs are located in the Great Fissure, Hellfire Penninsula. But be quick, they are scheduled to leave on 11/22/22.
    • Added some new fire dancers as eye candy located next to the Donator NPC in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
    • Removed the hunt points vendor.
    • Goblin Steve now awards Arena Points for the Gurubashi Arena daily quest.
    • Xavier Missions now awards Arena Points for the Underground Arena quests.
    • Removed the Donator NPC and his dancers.
    • Added a new vendor NPC with ilvl 245 item sets.
    • Fixed the npc chat for the XMOG npc.
    • Gurubashi has a new champion for the month of November - Undead Giant.
    • Re-Balanced some of the Wrath Mountains foes and bosses.
    • Adding quests and questlines to the new Wrath Mountains zone.
    • Fixed an issue with marijuana bushes not producing sticky buds for players.
    • Added some very special custom and unreleased items as drops from the new Wrath Mountain bosses.
    • Made the sticky buds from marijuana bushes able to be smoked with a cosmetic effect.
    • Changed the "who list" in game to display players of all ranks and factions.
    • Adding chatting between both factions.
    • Started work on our new custom dungeon - Classic Trials of Wrath.


    • Doubled the chance to get a Lucky Token Pouch from random dungeon loot - Satchel of Helpful Goods.
    • Hunt season 1 has ended. Prizes have been awarded and the new season is underway!
    • Fixed an error with Skratt not giving out token quests.
    • Updated the point vendor items!
    • Added a rare custom ice trinket, with massive frost resist, to the Secret Expedition Area.
    • Added new foes to the Secret Expedition Area - Battle Bears.
    • Added a new hidden boss to the Secret Expedition Area - The Ice Giant.


    • Fixed the Sons of Hodir quest chain.
    • Removed some junk items from Auction House.
    • Removed some junk drops that were unnecessarily filling up bags.
    • Added server stability and security upgrades.
    • Emblem of Triumph drop rate increased by 10x.
    • Fixed an error with Wrath Tokens not being inside the Satchel of Helpful Goods.
    • Added a custom graveyard in the Wrath Mountains.
    • Added a new innkeeper in the Wrath Mountains.
    • Added new foes, lore npc and more to the Wrath Mountains.
    • Added Blezz the Mountain Fairy to buff players in the mountains.
    • Added several new quests and questlines into the Wrath Mountains.
    • Prince Taldaram boss encounter rescripted and working.
    • Added a few new mini bosses as well as a secret boss to The Wrath Mountains.
    • Added an upgradeable armor piece to Wrath Mountains.
    • Added lore, upgrade vendor, innkeeper & repair to Wrath Mountains.
    • Added new scripted trash foes to Wrath Mountains.
    • Added flying proto-drakes to Wrath Mountains.
    • Massive content update to Wrath Mountains including bosses, foes, quests and more.
    • Added 4 new necklaces for max level characters, available from Wrath Mountain chests and Bazhuul.
    • Added a new currency known as the Mountain Token.
    • Added several new upgrade components and new legendary gear into the Wrath Mountains.

    Check out our promotional video for this update!


    • Added Horn of Wrath to summon your personal assistant.
    • Added a personal assistant you can summon to your side with a variety of helpful services.
    • Added a new locksmith to the faction malls. He sells keys you may need to access harder areas.
    • Fixed several bugs in Halls of Reflection.
    • Fixed the loot dropped when you defeat Murmur.
    • Fixed a bug with the Research quests in the Expedition Area.
    • Remove abundant loot item from Forge of Souls - Brutal Gladiator's Pummeler.
    • Remove abundant loot item from Forge of Souls - Brutal Gladiator's Redoubt.
    • Fixed a bug with the 'Skeletal Woodcutters' that was breaking the quest - 'There's Something About the Squire'.
    • Fixed a bug with Prince Tortheldrins faction in Dire Maul West. Now making the dungeon completable.
    • New HUNTING system. Speak to Anastasia Klump in Dalaran to begin collecting hunt points to score some fresh new mounts and even get on the top ten!


    • Added new xp items.
    • Re-added marijuana plants.
    • Added new repair bot generator.
    • Added a new item : Resurrect Powder, which will bring a dead player back to life when used on them.
    • Added a new item : Heart of a Demon, which when found can be used to summon Corruptor Nor'kil in the Wrath Mountains.
    • New tour quest line added to expedition area.
    • Added a battleground announcer.
    • Added a new boss, Corruptor Nor'kil. An enormous demon warlock boss.
    • Fixed King Gordok encounter in Dire Maul North.
    • Set the maxcount for all trade goods to 200 and the stack max to 100.


    • Added 4 lore quests to the expedition area.
    • Added new arena quests.
    • Added new quests in expedition area.
    • Re-balanced arena bosses armor.
    • Removed portal to wrath mountains.
    • Changed teleportation crystals to unlimited uses.
    • Changed access to Wrath Mountains to level 80 only.
    • Added new npc that can change your character into an animal or demon.
    • Added new items, gold and level ups to the point store npc.
    • New scripted clerics in wrath mountains.
    • Blackwing Lair first boss encounter fixed.
    • Coren Direbrew boss encounter fixed.


    • The Battered hilt quest chain has been fixed.
    • Fable Weapons have been re-balanced some more.
    • Increased the drop rates in ICC for Emblems of Frost.
    • Increased variety and amount of items found in our Auction House.
    • New graveyard added to the Expedition Area.

    • Elementium Bars can now be purchased from our Master Ore Vendor.
    • Emblems of Frost can now be found in Lucky Token Pouches.

    • Warchief Rend Blackhand encounter re-scripted.
    • The Twist encounter re-scripted.
    • The Headless Horseman in the Arena encounter re-scripted.
    • Devourer of Souls in the Arena encounter re-scripted.
    • King Gordok in the Arena encounter re-scripted.
    • Kuan Zar has been rescripted.
    • Blizzard has been rescripted.
    • Pathaleon the Calculator in the Arena encounter re-scripted.


    • New Point Balance NPC can tell you your current gametime point balance and has been added to Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
    • New Point Shop NPC allows you shop using your gametime points. This NPC has been added to Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
    • An Item Set vendor can be found in Dalaran and possibly elsewhere. This npc sells item sets starting at ilevel 213 for all classes.
    • A Master Gem Vendor has been added to the King's Classic Tavern and the Undercity Apothecary.
    • New Raid NPC that can teleport you to ANY raid for a small fee. This new npc can be found in Dalaran only.
    • Many broken quests, items and scripts removed from the server.
    • Major fixes to our gametime point system.
    • XP rates are boosted on Saturday & Sunday.
    • Improved several custom npcs by giving them the ability to engage in conversation with neighboring npcs.
    • Some new familiar faces can be battled in the Arena!
    • Keep your eyes peeled for the new 'Twist'. This level 85 epic world boss roams the lands of Azeroth as an invisible being. When he decides to make himself visible the server will announce his location. But be fast, he doesn't ever stay long.
    • Stratholme Dungeon fixed so you can now reach Baron Riverdare.
    • Blood Furnace has been rescripted and is now working 100%.
    • Amanitar in Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom has been rescripted and is now working 100%.
    • Known Core Issues are now listed on our discord.
    • Massive upgrade to our website including a new front page, a list of richest players and more.
    • Online store has been removed from the website and replaced with an in-game NPC.


    • Take a journey through Azeroth and beyond to learn why there is an alien from beyond the Twisting Nether frozen in a block of solid ice just outside of Ironforge in a Secret Excavation Site.
    • New hidden area packed with new lore, new npcs, new quests and a new type of weapons for every class.
    • A 2,000 year old Alien frozen in ice?
    • Henchmen Master added to Dalaran.
    • New speed trinkets available from Dalaran trinket shop.
    • Transmogrifier NPC added to Stormwind, Orgrimmar and Undercity.
    • Several new npcs, vendors and quest givers have been added to our new area - Secret Excavation Site.
    • There is a new mysterious dwarf fishing off the docks of Booty Bay that knows something about the new area - Secret Excavation Site.
    • New very special unreleased mounts vendor digging around the Wyrmskull Bridge area in the Blade's Edge Mountains of Outlands.
    • New Coin of Fables - Token used to purchase our new class gear. This coin can be earned thru a long and tedious questline you can pickup in our new area - Secret Excavation Site.
    • Death Knight starter quest fixed.
    • The maximum profession count has been adjusted up to 3.
    • We have added a help section to the website to answer the most asked questions from this discord channel and our in game ticket system.


    • Librarian added, down inside Shattrath that can teach profession boosts.
    • New custom henchmen have been added to our roster. (Likwid, Arthus, Thomas, Gomer)
    • New quests added to the Arena which reward titles, ranks and Arena Tokens.
    • Fabled Class Weapons available from a special questline. (quests not yet released)
    • "Guide to Animal Transformation" available for 25 Wrath Tokens or 5 Arena Tokens.
    • Wrath Tokens can now be disenchanted from Jurassic Wristguards, Grizzled Boots and Boarhide Leggings.
    • Lucky Token Pouches can now be disenchanted from Darkmoon Chain Shirt, Darkmoon Vest and Overseer's Ring.
    • Unn Knowne, our special mount vendor now has unreleased mounts.
    • Custom bosses have been re-balanced.
    • Henchmen have been re-balanced.


    • The dwarves of Ironforge and the Demons of the Outlands have teamed up to bring you a devious battle circuit Arena located deep underground beneath Ironforge.
    • Each battle must be arranged with the battlemaster and has a high price. The rewards for the Arena are second to none. So come battle and bring your team with you!
    • New ARENA TOKEN can be earned from participating in the new underground arena.
    • Xavier Missions - Speak to Xavier in the Sewers of Dalaran to gain entrance to the arena for free. Xavier also has special bounties for the bosses that you can battle inside the Arena.
    • Traggaz the Underground Battlemaster - Once inside the Underground Battle Arena you can speak to Traggaz to arrange a battle with one of the available bosses.
    • Jeremiah The Cunning - Found in the battle arena area you can exchange your Arena Tokens with him for epic gear.
    • New characters should now come with 4 small bags equipped.
    • Rates have been fixed to start as 1x until you reach the RATE NPC in your factions main city.


    • Input Lag - Fixed a bug causing massive amounts of input lag on the server.
    • Halls of Reflection - Fixed a bug causing Lich King to run too fast after the group.

    • Token Quests - Several new quests have been added which include wrath tokens as a final reward. You can find a quest chain in Stormwind and also in Orgrimmar.

    NEW NPC :
    • Portia Z'Real - You can find portia wandering thru Goldshire or possibly even Durotar. She sells our brand new teleportation crystals, which you can use to teleport to main cities.

    • Teleportation Crystals - These new items will take you to one of the main cities depending on which crystal you use. You can get these from the crystal vendor Portia Z'Real, located in Goldshire or Durotar.
    • 'Lucky' Token Box - This new mini chest can contain between 0 and 3 wrath tokens. Where these boxes come from is a suprise.


    • Players will now earn 1 point for every few minutes they spend online playing. These points can be saved up and spent in our in-game shop for various items, mounts, levels, gold and buffs.

    King's Classic Tavern

    A brand new custom tavern has opened in the park section of Stormwind City. Here you can find a collection of bartenders, drunks, locals and special vendors. You can also find some brand new Token Vendors here as well.

    New Custom Malls

    The alliance and horde both have new custom malls full of locals vendors and special token vendors. The alliance mall is located in the King's Classic Tavern in Stormind. The horde mall is buried deep underground in the Apothecary section of the Undercity. For a complete list of the new vendors please see below.

    New Custom Vendors

    • Captain Goodbody - Master Fishing Vendor
    • Viper Bailey - Master Dust Vendor
    • Eudora The Gardener - Master Herb Vendor
    • Meliisa The Digger - Master Ore Vendor
    • Griffin The Skinner - Master Leather Vendor
    • Jack The Tailor - Master Cloth Vendor
    • Pickpocket Jean - Master Bag Vendor
    • Kaitlyn The Scribe - Master Glyph Vendor
    • Lil' Stoney - Master Pet Vendor
    • Thessi The Collector - Master Heirloom Vendor
    • Grifri The Locksmith - Master Key Vendor
    • Thaphro The Wild - Master Mount Vendor

    New Token

    We are proud to announce the return of the Wrath Classic Token. This token can be earned from winning duels, completing special quests or hidden in chests. You can spend your tokens at the special token vendors located inside the alliance or horde malls.