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Adventure Guide
Jax is our adventure guide. You will find him as soon as your characters first enters the world of Azeroth. He will be glad to explain all the features of our custom game to you.

Undertaker Grimes
Apothecary Guard
You can find Grimes outside of the new hidden horde mall in the Apothecary located deep in the Undercity. Grimes is always luring in unsuspecting travellers.

Captain Jarrod
Mountain Defender
Jarrod can be found commanding his army on the top level of Shattrath. He guards the entrance to the all new custom area, Wrath Mountains.

Ice Headshot
Great Bear Hunter
You can find ice in the sewers of Dalaran standing next to a mysterious portal. Speaking to Ice reveals an invader has made a camp in the battlefields of Wintergrasp.

Shotgun Smith
Tavern Crier
Smith can be found outside the new King's Classic Tavern in the Park area of Stormwind City. He welcomes in new shoppers.

Underground Battlemaster
Once inside the Underground Battle Arena you can speak to Traggaz to arrange a battle with one of the available bosses.

Point Machine
Point Tracking System
This robot located in Stormwind or Orgrimmar can tell you how many gameplay points you have earned for your account.

Katie Wrath
Point Vendor
Our official point store. She can be found next to Point Machine in Stormwind or Orgrimmar and her inventory rotates often.

Xeang Kuan
Transmogrifier Expert
A transmog NPC that can swap the skins of your armor and weapons. This npc is known to visit Alliance & Horde main cities.

Dr. Regularo
This overly snarky scientist can be found studying near the frozen alien in the Secret Expedition Area.

Dr. Bizzaro
This slightly rude biologist can be found studying near the frozen alien in the Secret Expedition Area.

Raid Finder
Raidz can be found in hanging out in a tent in Dalaran. Depending on your level Raidz will teleport you to any raid you choose.

Areyck Flynn
Visual Prodigy
Speak to Areyck, to transform yourself into amazing creatures or demons. Areyck can be found in either Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

Kate the Scribe
Master Enchanter
You can find Kate wandering the main cities. For 5 gold she will enchant any piece of gear with any enchantment.

Captain Diamond
Master Gem Vendor
She can be found in King's Classic Tavern in Stormwind or the apothecary mall in the Undercity selling top tier gems.

Eugene Wrather
Token Redeemer
If you find a secret code posted online or in game you can redeem it with Eugene Wrather in Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

The Dark Vendor
Our secret vendor can be located somewhere beyond Azeroth and can offer up some pretty legendary items.

Jeffrey Wrath
Wrath Classic Vendor
Jeffrey can be found in almost any city or exploring any area. He will offer you an amazing selection of goodies & heirlooms.

Aerynn Star
Race Trait Swapper
Aerynn can be found in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. for 5 gold he will swap our your racial abilities with that of another race.

Portia Z'Real
Teleportation Crystal Vendor
You can find portia wandering thru Goldshire or Durotar. She sells teleportation crystals to all the main cities.

Das Maschine
Emblem Vending Machine
Das can be found exchaning and selling emblems outside of the entrance to Ice Crown Citadel Raid in Northrend.

Das Maschine Jr
Token Bag Machine
Das Jr can be found on the dock in Booty Bay. Sorry to say he does require a 5 gold donation each time you want to shop.

Uhn Nowne
Mysterious Traveller
You can find the special mounts vendor digging around the Wyrmskull Bridge area in the Blade's Edge Mountains of Outlands.

Lydia Sparks
Bot Gear Vendor
You can find Lydia somewhere close to any henchmen master. Lydia can offer gear bundles for your hired henchmen.

Mrs. Celeste
She can be found down inside Shattrath's inner ring. She has books of all types that can help with most of your professions.

Henchmen Master
Tiernny is the henchmen master. She can be found around almost city inn. Talk to her if you are interested in hiring some henchmen.

John Seenya
Item Set Collector
John can be found in Dalaran and also the new secret expedition area. John sells unique item sets starting at ilevel 213.

John Joonya
Item Set Collector
John Joonya sells item sets with an ilvl of 245. These sets costs 10k and contain 5 pieces of matching 245 class gear.

Jewelery Master Alexa
Legendary Jeweler
You can find Alexa in the King's Classic Tavern and also the Apothecary. She claims to be able to craft legendary jewelery.

Xavier Missions
Arena Score Keeper
Located in the Sewers of Dalaran, speak to Xavier to gain entrance to the underground arena. Xavier also has special bounties.

Disgraced Captain
Skratt has quests that can earn you Wrath Tokens. He can be found in Stormwind or in the Ring of Valor in Orgrimmar.

Dr. Drandruth
Expert Astronomer
He sends players on a wild goose chase through Azeroth looking for a codex to decypher ancient texts of the past.

Anastasia Klump
Master Treasure Hunter
Anastasia and her brother are holding a hunting contest in Azeroth. Each day a new item is required to be hunted for.

Stephen Klump
Hunt Point Trader
Stephen and her sister hold hunting contests. Bring the points you win to Stephen to exchange for goodies.

Mountain Fairy
Blezz the mountain fairy can be found hidden in the wrath mountains. If you find her she has a special buff for you!

Goblin Steve
Arena Organizer
This fight organizer can be found at the Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale. He offers up a special quest to battle against.

Master Scourgebane
Grand Champion of the Ebon Blade
The master can be found outisde of the Classic Trials of Wrath entrance with a quest to destory The Black Knight.

Mysterious Dwarf
Dudley can be found fishing off the docks of Booty Bay. Rumor has it, he knows something about a secret excavation site.