Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect to this server?
First off you create an account here. Next (if you haven't already) install World of Warcraft, which can be found here. Finally download our launcher and you may now start playing!

Why isn't the launcher working?
We have heard several players mention that the launcher would not update the patch and launch the game. Usually this is a compatibility issue on Windows 11 or the user has not setup the launcher properly. If you continue to have issues with the launcher you can simply change your realmlist manually to and download our patch. Make sure you put the patch in the /Data folder of your wow client.

Where can I rent a henchmen?
You can rent henchmen from almost any Inn in any major city from Tiernny the Henchmen Master. You can also find Tiernny wandering around a few other locations as well such as Icecrown Citadel and Dalaran.

How many henchmen can I rent?
You can have up to a maximum of four henchmen with you at all times. This gives you the option to create a full 5 man team with yourself and your henchmen.

Why did my henchmen disappear?
Henchmen will disappear for several reasons. If you log out for over 7 days or if the server restarts. Other than these two scenarios you should not lose your henchmen or the gear you have given them.

How long do henchmen stay with me?
You can keep your henchmen for as long as you are logged in. Once you logout your henchmen will quit and mail back any gear you have given them. This gives other players opportunities to use the henchmen also.

How do I use my henchmen?
Using the henchmen options and controlling them in battle can be complex. We highly recommend that you watch our instructional video in our videos section. If you need more assistance please visit our henchmen page.

Why can I only do 1 Random Dungeon with my henchmen?
When you complete a RDF dungeon with your henchmen you will have to leave the group and re-invite the henchmen to do more RDFs.
What can I do with gametime points?
Gamepoints can be spent with our gamepoint vendor on gear, mounts, upgrades, gold and so much more. Located in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.

Where do I see my gametime points?
If you want to see your point balance you should talk to the points machine in game and see if you are ready to earn some exciting gear and upgrades.

Why didn't I get any gametime points?
There could be several reason for not receiving your gametime points. The most common reason is that your character went afk. Once your character goes into afk mode your gametimer stops. Once you begin being active again your timer will again restart.
What is a Wrath Tokens?
Wrath Tokens are collected from Dungeon Rewards, chests, quests, gathering and redemption codes. Use these tokens for rare and unique items from our custom vendors.

What is an Arena Tokens?
Arena Tokens can only be collected from completing battles in our Underground Arena. These battles will reward 1 token each to the victor, providing Xavier Missions has given you the appropriate arena quest.

What is a Coin of Fables?
Our new Coin of Fables can only be earned by completing a large and tedious quest chain that can be started from the Secret Excavation Site in North Eastern Dun Morogh.
Can I transmog my gear?
Yes we have finally added a transmogrifier that can be found in Stormwind, Orgrimmar and the Undercity.

How does transmog work?
As long as you possess an item and the proper gold amount the npc will offer to transmog your equipped gear into the gear you select from your bags. The price of your trnasmog will vary depending on the ilvl of the items.
Can I switch my race?
Yes you have two options for this. Option 1 is going to see Aerynn Star in Stormwind or Orgrimmar to swap out your racial traits for the traits of another class. Option 2 is to see Blaze to completely change your race among other options. Blaze can be found in the Stormwind Harbor or out front of the entrance to the Undercity.

Can I switch my appearance?
Yes you can. You can see Blaze to completely change your race, appearance and more. Blaze can be found in the Stormwind Harbor or out front of the entrance to the Undercity.

Can I switch my faction?
Yes you can. You can see Blaze to completely change your facetion, race, appearance and more. Blaze can be found in the Stormwind Harbor or out front of the entrance to the Undercity.

Can I switch my name?
Yes you can. You can see Blaze to completely change your name, race, appearance, faction and more. Blaze can be found in the Stormwind Harbor or out front of the entrance to the Undercity.
Does dungeon finder work?
Yes, our dungeon finder works 100% in several ways. You can enter the queue as normal with a full group of players, you can enter the queue alone and be whisked away to the dungeon of your choice for a solo instance or you can load up a party of henchmen and enter the que with them so you can experience the dungeon with a full group even if you can't find a full group of players.

Do battlegrounds and arenas work?
Yup they sure do. In fact our battlegrounds only require 1 of each faction to start. So feel free to start up a queue if you are adventuring solo or you can add some henchmen to your group before entering the queue to bring them to fight alongside you.
How do I get to the Underground Arena?
Located deep underground beneath Ironforge, a devious battle circuit has been born. The dwarves of Ironforge and the Demons of the Outlands have teamed up to bring you a special Boss Arena. To access the arena speak to Xavier Missions in the sewers of Dalaran.

How do I get to Fight Blizzard?
If you are interested in battling our first custom boss you can speak to Ice Headshot in the sewers of Dalaran to be transported to the battlefields of Wintergrasp to help clear out a vehicle warehouse.

How do I get to the Secret Expedition Area?
Take a journey through Azeroth and beyond to learn why there is a 2000 year old alien from beyond the Twisting Nether frozen in a block of solid ice just outside of Ironforge in a Secret Excavation Site. This new hidden area packed with new lore, new npcs, new quests and a new type of weapons for every class. To get to this custom area talk to Dudley the Dwarf who can be found fishing off the piers of Booty Bay.

How do I get to The Classic Trial of Wrath?
You have been summoned to the northern most region of Northrend to take part in your own trial for crimes against the Lich Kings Army. Come battle the original bosses from the the Trial of Champions in the original location but with a twist and some new loot! To enter this custom instance just use your dungeon finder, providingyou have good enough gear to enter.

How do I get to the Wrath Mountains?
High up in the mountains of Kalimdor lies and unexplored pvp territory that was inaccessible in wotlk and is now filled with the Alliance, the Horde and boat loads of Demons all fighting to control this secret area. To gain access to this new area speak to Captain Jarrod who can be found training some Shattered Sun troops in Shattrath.

How do I get to the Alliance Prison?
Demons being held captive in a secret prison beneath Stormwind City have broken free. Whether horde or alliance you are needed. Report to Captain Fairmont in Dalaran to begin your decent into the Alliance Prison.
Do I need to use the launcher?
Yes you 100% need to use the launcher as we use this to put our custom files into your game client. If you do not use the launcher you will be missing important data and your gaming experience will be less than complete.

Where can I download just the patch for this server?
We do not recommend doing this as we update our patch on a weekly basis. But if you must download our patch for that week directly you can find the patch on our downloads page.

What is the realmlist for this server?
We recommend using our custom launcher, found on the downloads page, which will automatically set your realmlist for you each time you log in. If you cannot use the launcher for some reason our realmlist is
What is a Redeem code?
A redeem code is a text code that can be found on our Discord™, Facebook™, Website or Twitter™. If you tell this code to the redeemer npc, found in most major cities, he will reward you with gold, rare items or even a custom title.

My character is stuck somewhere, can you help?
Yes we can. You can use the unstuck feature in the games help menu to teleport to the nearest graveyard, you can fill out a support ticket which generally takes 12-24 hours to get resolved or you can post in our discord which goes out to our mods and gms instantly.

Can I import a character from another server?
You can 100% import a character from any other server as long as they have an armory and your character isnt over level 80. If you would like to use this feature you can do so here.

What if I find a bug?
If you find an issue in game with a quest, item, character or your account we recommend you fill out an in game ticket in the help section as well as contact us on Discord™. We strive to remove bugs and errors as soon as we find them. Do you offer low level mounts?
We do offer a mount that you may use with no riding skills at all for alliance or horde. This mount is mailed to you at lvl 5.

Do solo dungeons work here?
This server does offer solo dungeons. You may que up for any dungeon with any size team and get ported into the instance. Make sure you have all the players you want in your team before queing up.

How do I stop earning experience?
Your experience bar can be switched on and off by speaking to Behsten in Stormwind or Slahtz in Orgrimmar. Once turned off your character will no longer gain xp from any kill, pvp, quests, exploration or anywhere else in the game.