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  • Wrath Classic Realmlist
    Simple text file in WTF format used to simply replace into your data/enUS folder
  • Wrath Classic Auto Launcher
    Use this to launch your game and it will automatically clear your game cache, set the realmlist and update your patch.
  • Wrath Classic Weekly Patch
    Download our patch and place into your /data folder. Please be advised that this patch is changed and updated on a weekly basis and you should use the launcher to avoid having corrupt data in your game.

  • Deadly Boss Mod
    Alerts you when a Boss begins to cast certain spells or use certain skills, allowing you to move, counter, stop damage, run away, etc.
  • Gatherer
    An addon for herbalists, miners and treasure hunters. It's main purpose is to track the closest plants, deposits and treasure locations on your minimap.
  • Gear Score
    Allows you to easily see the calculated Gearscore of yourself and other players.
  • Healbot
    A massively supportive addon for healers, as it can do numerous amounts of helpful little tricks.
  • Quest Helper
    Questhelper tells you how to finish your quests in the easiest, fastest manner. It includes a database of quests, monsters, and items, telling you the exact location.
  • Recount
    Recount is a graphical damage meter.
  • Spy
    Scans for enemy players and announces their presence when they are detected.