Custom Wrath Tokens
Collect our brand new exclusive Wrath Classic Token's now available from Dungeon Rewards, chests, quests, gathering and redemption codes. Use these tokens for rare and unique items from our new custom vendors.

Custom Token Quests
Need a way to collect Wrath Classic Tokens, well we have you covered. Head on over to the Dwarven District of Stormwind City for the Alliance or the Ring of Valor in Orgrimmar for the Horde.
Token Redeemer
Keep your eye out for secret codes posted on our Twitter, Facebook, Discord or even in game. If you find one you can redeem it with Eugene Wrather in one of the major cities.
A transmogrifier NPC that can swap the skins of your armor and weapons has been added to Stormwind, Orgrimmar and Undercity.
Custom Alliance Mall
Browse our custom vendors in the ALL NEW pub known as the King's Classic Tavern in the Park Area of Stormwind City.
Custom Horde Mall
Browse our custom vendors buried deep underground in the Apothecary section of the Undercity.
Hireable Henchmen
If you speak to the henchmen master and ask to hire them you can use them. They will assist you in dungeons, pvp, raids or arena's. They will also even collect loot, ore & herbs as well as other helpful features. You can find a master in any main city inn or pub.
Solo Dungeons
This server does offer solo dungeons. You may que up for any dungeon with any size team and get ported into the instance. Make sure you have all the players you want in your team before queing up.
Increased Rates
Our server rates are set above 100% to make leveling up easier. Our rates are 3x the retail rates for killing, exploring, dungeons and quests.
Import a Character
Import any retail or private server character you own and play them on Wrath-Classic. All you need is a wrath-classic account and another wow account. Character level max : 80
Gametime points
Earn points while you play which you can then spend in our in-game shop for some amazing items, mounts, pets and more.
Underground Battle Arena
Located deep underground beneath Ironforge, a devious battle circuit has been born. The dwarves of Ironforge and the Demons of the Outlands have teamed up to bring you a special Boss Arena.
Secret Expedition Area
Take a journey through Azeroth and beyond to learn why there is a 2000 year old alien from beyond the Twisting Nether frozen in a block of solid ice just outside of Ironforge in a Secret Excavation Site. This new hidden area packed with new lore, new npcs, new quests and a new type of weapons for every class.
Character Visual Exchange
Speak to Areyck Flynn, our Visual Prodigy and transform yourself, temporarily of course, into amazing creatures or demons. Areyck can be found in either Stormwind or Orgrimmar.
Master Enchanter
Speak to our master enchanter to apply almost any enchant to anything you are wearing. This enchantment is permanent and will remain until you remove the enchantment or sell the item.
Racial Trait Exchange
If you are getting tired of the skills that come with your race speak to our racial trait swapper in Stormwind or Orgrimmar and select traits from a different race without changing your character class or race.
Wrath Mountains
High up in the mountains of Kalimdor lies and unexplored pvp territory that was inaccessible in wotlk and is now filled with the Alliance, the Horde and boat loads of Demons all fighting to control this secret area. To view a content map of this area click here.
The Great Hunt
Each day we have a new hunt challenge given by Anastasia in Dalaran. If you complete your daily hunt you earn hunt points. To see who has the most points you can ask Anastasia or check on our official Hunt Status page.
Global World Chat
Making it a little easier to communicate with all other players online, we have made a global chat channel for alliance and horde. To use this channel simply start your message with .chat.
The Gurubashi Challenge
Each month or so we offer a new custom challenger in the Gurubashi arena, located in Stranglethorn Vale. Killing this champion can earn you gold, rep and even some rare items. Make sure you visit Goblin Steve the Arena Organizer at the arena at least once a month.
Classic Trials of Wrath
You have been summoned to the northern most region of Northrend to take part in your own trial for crimes against the Lich Kings Army. Come battle the original bosses from the the Trial of Champions in the original location but with a twist and some new loot!
The Alliance Prison
Demons being held captive in a secret prison beneath Stormwind City have broken free. Whether horde or alliance you are needed. Report to Captain Fairmont in Dalaran to begin your decent into the Alliance Prison
The Crypts
Explore deep underneath Karahzan in these haunted new custom crypts. You can gain access to this new area by finding a Black Summoning Stone from inside the Black Temple raid. The crypt has many new foes and new items to offer up, do not miss this one. For more information on the Crypts check our Crypts article .
Starting in December 2022 we will be featuring random invasions. An invasion is a large world boss who shows up in a main city and begins murdering everyone in the town. If you reach the town with enough friends to kill the boss you can loot it, if not the boss wins the invasion.
Underground Arena Score
Starting in December 2022 The Underground Arena will start keeping stats on the players who compete in it. If you visit the Arena you will see a new flaming green NPC named Twizzy. Twizzy is the official score keeper for the Underground Arena and speaking to him will provide you with several new stats including your total wins, the top arena winner and total player wins in the Arena.
Majestic Wilds
Another unique custom zone created exclusively for Enjoy hours of adventures gathering secret keys, unlocking cavernous gates and hunting down treacherous bosses. For more info check out our promo page.


This in-depth guide will reveal all of the chances players have to collect the coveted Wrath Tokens.

This in-depth guide will reveal all of the opportunities players have to collect the coveted Wrath Tokens.
This guide will walk you through the questline to obtain your epic Fabled Class Weapon.
Enjoy this complete rundown of the custom items found on
This guide will remain updated with our custom Legendary gear and how to find it.
This guide will walk you thru our longest and most complex end game content.
This custom dungeon is now open in regular and heroic modes. This guide will walk you through.


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