Wrath Token Collection Guide

This in-depth guide will reveal all of the opportunities players have to collect the coveted Wrath Tokens from questlines, npcs, bosses, promo codes and more.

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The following list of quests will earn you Wrath Tokens.

  • A Vile Request - Kill a Vile Spirit
  • Assisting Arch Druid Runetotem - Speak with Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem in Thunder Bluff.
  • Back to the Surface - Escort Tosiro to the surface of the Wilds.
  • Classic Trial of Wrath - Defeat the Black Knight.
  • Classic Trial of Wrath Heroic - Defeat the Black Knight on Heroic Mode.
  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Treant - Kill 15 Treants.
  • Crypt Cleaner - Kill 50 Blood Beasts.
  • Defeat the Demon. - Defeat the Demon.
  • DRAGONS!!! - Kill 15 Blackwing Dragonkin.
  • Eliminate the Beasts - Kill 20 Forest Beasts.
  • Exorcism - Kill the Crypt Spirit.
  • Fabled Weapon! - Find the Tome of Fables.
  • Fur Collector - Collect 10 Bear Furs.
  • Giants on the loose! - Kill 35 Forest Giants.
  • Gimme Drugs! - Find the Tome of Medicine.
  • Gurubashi Champion - Defeat Guru Bashi.
  • Hidden Enemies - Bring a Lieutenant's Insignia to Thrall in Orgrimmar.
  • Into the Caverns! - Kill 15 Yeti's of the Wild.
  • Ironhuh? - Find the Tome of Ironforge.
  • Oh Whelp! - Kill 30 Wild Whelps.
  • Over the River - Escort Shirah over the frozen lake.
  • Planetary Alignment - Find the Tome of Planets.
  • Remove the Sprites! - Kill 10 Forest Sprites and take out the leader.
  • Research 101 : Part 1 - Kill Oggleflint.
  • Research 101 : Part 2 - Kill Randolph Moloch.
  • Research 101 : Part 3 - Kill Ragnaros.
  • Research 101 : Part 4 - Kill Lord Marrowgar.
  • Research 101 : Part 5 - Kill Blizzard.
  • Scavengers! - Kill 20 Scavengers of the Wild.
  • Shroooooms! - Collect 10 Glowcaps from the cave.
  • Spinestalker! - Kill the Spinestalker.
  • The End Game - Collect 5 Dwarven Contraptions.
  • The End Game - Collect 10 Ancient Injectors.
  • The End Game - Collect 25 Molten Powder.
  • The End Game - Defeat 10 Ice Bears.
  • The End Game - Defeat Corruptor Nor'kil.
  • The End Game - Defeat Doom Lord Kazzak.
  • The End Game - Defeat Morbrid.
  • The End Game - Defeat the Ice Giant.
  • The Prison Break - Kill 25 possessed night elves and then take out the 2 bosses in the Alliance Prison.
  • Through the Mountains - Escort Escobar to his friends.
  • What a bore! - Kill 35 Wild boar.
  • Wild Warder Hunt - Kill 15 Wild Warders.
  • Wine Shop Advert - Go to the Gallina Winery, and bring Suzetta Gallina the Wine Ticket for a free bottle of wine.

    Mountain Chests randomly spawn in one of our custom areas, The Wrath Mountains. These chests have a 25% chance to contain up to 5 Wrath Tokens.

    The Large Solid Chests found inside every early dungeon of Azeroth including Ragefire Chasm, Stockades, Razorfen Downs, Gnomeregan and others. These chests have a 10% chance to contain 1 Wrath Token.

    Tattered Chests randomly spawn in every early zone of Azeroth. These small chests have a 10% chance to contain 1 Wrath Token.

    Battered Chests are level 8 trash items that can be randomly fished from most Azeroth zones. If you happen to fish one up they have a 10% chance to contain 1 Wrath Token.

    Solid Chests found inside every early zone of Azeroth including Stranglethorn Vale, Alterac Mountains, Arathi Highlands and others. These chests have a 10% chance to contain 1 Wrath Token.

    Alliance Strongbox are chests located around Dalaran in Alterac Mountains and in Bael Modan of the Barrens. These locked chests can only be opened by Horde players and have a 10% chance to contain 1 Wrath Token.
    The following enemies have a chance to drop wrath Tokens when defeated :
    • Al'ar Sunbeam
    • Baelmon Jr
    • Battle Bear
    • Bile Retcher
    • Blackwing Dragonkin
    • Blizzard
    • Bony Construct
    • Corruptor Nor'kil
    • Crypt Spirit
    • Dark Giant
    • Dawson
    • Death Knight
    • Death Knight Captain
    • Death Knight Cavalier
    • Deathcharger Steed
    • Deathwhisper Necrolyte
    • Deathwhisper Shadowcaster
    • Deathwhisper Torturer
    • Doom Lord Kazzak
    • Dregdraxoth
    • Duke Voss
    • Forest Beast
    • Forest Giant
    • Forest Guardian
    • Forest Sprite
    • Forest Sprite Leader
    • Frenzied Bat
    • Frostsworn General
    • Ghostly Priest
    • Hungering Ghoul
    • Ice Giant
    • Icepaw Bear
    • Infectious Ghoul
    • Kuan Zar
    • Living Monstrosity
    • Lost Giant
    • Mad Scientist
    • Marauding Geist
    • Master City Invaders
    • Mimiron
    • Morbrid
    • Mountain Bear
    • Mountain Beetle
    • Mountain Excavator
    • Mountain Reaver
    • Mountain Troll
    • Mowntahna
    • Mutated Grub
    • Naxxramas Acolyte
    • Naxxramas Cultist
    • Necro Knight
    • Patchwork Golem
    • Phantom Mage
    • Phase Demon
    • Plague Beast
    • Plague Slime
    • Plagueborn Horror
    • Plagued Bat
    • Plagued Ghoul
    • Risen Squire
    • Scavenger of the Wilds
    • Server Demons
    • Shade of Naxxramas
    • Shadowy Mercenary
    • Sindragosa
    • Sir Sangrey
    • Skeletal Smith
    • Sludge Belcher
    • Soul Horror
    • Soulguard Adept
    • Soulguard Animator
    • Soulguard Bonecaster
    • Soulguard Reaper
    • Soulguard Watchman
    • Spectral Footman
    • Spectral Warden
    • Stitched Colossus
    • Stitched Giant
    • Stoneskin Gargoyle
    • Stonespine Gargoyle
    • Summit Protector
    • Sunami
    • Surgical Assistant
    • Tethyr
    • The Black Knight
    • Tirgros
    • Tortured Rifleman
    • Tunnel Digger
    • Unholy Axe
    • Unholy Staff
    • Unholy Swords
    • Wild Boar
    • Wild Giant
    • Wild Undead Warrior
    • Wild Warder
    • Wild Whelp
    • Woodstrider
    • Wrath Mountain Hawk
    • Wrathbone Coldwraith
    • Wrathbone Laborer
    • Xartgh
    • Yeti of the Wilds

    Lucky Token Pouch which are usually filled with only lint and garbage actually contain tokens. These special pouches have a 25% chance to contain up to 3 Wrath Tokens. These pouches can be obtained from defeating Batte Bears, Ice Giants, King Gordok or even purchasing some from a vending machine.

    The Satchel of Helpful Goods which is earned from completing Random Dungeons using the Random Dungeon Finder have a 22% chance to contain 1 Wrath Token.
    Katie Wrath the Point Vendor will sell you 1 token. However, she does not accept gold as payment. Katie will only trade for gametime points which are earned simply by being an active player. Katie is located in Stormwind City as well as Orgrimmar.

    Das Maschine Jr the token vending machine will trade you 1 Lucky Token Pouch which may contain up to 3 Wrath Tokens. But he only trades if you pay him 10g to open his trade window and also 1 single Wrath Token. This is the Azeroth way of gambling.
    Keep your eye out for secret codes posted on our Twitter, Facebook, Discord or even in game. If you find one you can redeem it with Eugene Wrather. Eugene can be found in Stormwind in the center of the trade district for Alliance players, as well as Orgrimmar in the center of the Valley of Strength for the horde.

    The codes are short text strings that must be told to the redeemer exactly as they appear online. Once redeemed, the code can not be used by any other player.

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