Getting Started

You can get started with scenarios once you hit level 60 and gain access to Dalaran City. You can find the Scenario Starter, Sawyer Bronzebeard on Krasus Landing. Speaking to Sawyer will provide you with a menu to select from one of the six scenarios. Once you collect enough reward badges you can spend them with Arynn, the NPC right next to Sawyer in Dalaran. All scenarios cost Wrath Tokens to start, the amount depends on the difficulty.


Scenarios are timed challenges for solo or groups to complete. Each scenario has a specific time limit and a specific task or set of tasks that require completion. Scenarios give you the chance to battle in Orgrimmar, battle the Eye of C'Thun, interrogate Civilans and more in this new exclusive content. Each scenario has a specific time limit to complete the objectives. If you should fail to complete the scenario you die and fail the objectives.

Scenario Badges

Collect our brand new currency known as Scenario Badges.
Use these to purchase rare and unique items from the scenario vendor.

The Scenarios
Scenario : Elwynn Forest

"Marshal Dughan, who serves as the municipal law enforcer for Goldshire and Marshal McBride who serves as the municipal law enforcer for Northshire Valley have a task for you. Demons have infiltrated the northwest forest and even into the heavily patrolled streets of Stormwind City. These demons made off with several of Stormwinds treasures. One of those treasures was the Elwynn Idol, a relic that was saved out of the Goldshire Inn during the fires of the First War. Please return our Idol."

Scenario : Caverns of the Gorge

"I am devising a potion that requires special mushrooms, mushrooms that grow only in a certain cave. The cave lies beneath searing gorge. I would go there myself, but I was advised by the Grove of the Ancients to stay away from that place. Our venerable allies sense that the cave is the hiding place for a new evil in Azeroth. Please, gather the mushrooms for me. And while doing so, scout the cave to confirm the Ancients' fears."

Scenario : Return to Ahn'Qiraj

"C'Thun is one of the five Old Gods, stripped of his full power by warring Titans. He fell to Azeroth, settling in the arid desert of Silithus, and slowly manipulated the native Silithid race into an army of his own image, the Qiraji. The great fortress city of Ahn'Qiraj was created to house their growing armies and prepare for the return of Lord Kri. Return to the temple and destroy Lord Kri."

Scenario : Orgrimmar Arena

"The Orgrimmar Arena is in full swing. Enter the battlegrounds to compete. If you are lucky enough to battle the contenders there are 2 overlords waiting to compete next. Good luck and may the best player win."

Scenario : Zul Altar

"It seems as though, Zul Gurub has been overwhelmed by demons and fel creatures. Please do Azeroth a favor and clear off the altar of Gurub. Make your way south and kill everything in your way!"

Scenario : The Hive

"Down beneath the grounds of Azeroth there lies a great hive which has been infiltrated by 3 demons posing as civilians. What used to be a peaceful honey factory has now become a place of evil and fear. Please venture down into the hive and discover which 3 of the civilians are the fakes and destroy them. But please do not insult too many of our civilians during your questioning."

Scenario : The Shade Forest

"Do you know where creatures go when they die? They go to the Shade Forest. A dark and eerie place located somewhere in Azeroth. It is said that if you enter the forest and anger the Shade Maiden by killing off the souls of the passed creatures, she will appear and demand a sacrifice. It is at this time that you must kill the Maiden."

Scenario : Trouble in Stormwind

"Please help us sir, Stormwind is in big Trouble. We need whatever assistance we can get, alliance or horde. The City of Stormwind is under attack from legion invaders. There are metoers crashing into stormwind turning into Elemental Invaders who are ravaging the city and killing the civilians. Please do your duty and kill at least 25 of the elemental invaders, than take out the leader, he was last seen in the harbor at the rear of Stormwind. Good luck!"

Scenario : New Avalon Reborn

"Return back to Ebon Hold and relive the life and training of a death knight. Make your way thru the Havenshire Mine and Farms, as well as the Scarlet Overlook and finally New Avalon and its Town Hall. Kill 20 Scarlet Miner, 4 Dark Riders of Acherus, 4 New Avalon Councilmen and finally the Keeper of the Rolls found in the Scarlet Overlook. When you are done return to Gothik the Harvester."

Scenario : Stratholme Revisited

"Stratholme was the northernmost and second-most populous city of the Kingdom of Lordaeron. It was here where the Order of the Silver Hand was founded. Today, Stratholme is the Scourge's capital in Lordaeron. The mad Prince Arthas ravaged the port city in the Third War and the undead moved in soon after. Stratholme burns to this day. It is your task to enter the rotting city, clean out the inflicted plague and defeat the The Plague Captain."

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