Fabled Weapon Guide

This guide will walk you through the questline to obtain your epic Fabled Class Weapon.

Weapon Name Type Primary Stat Item Level
Fabled Explosive Bow Bow Agility 284
Fabled Repeater Shotgun Gun Agility 284
Fabled Crossbow Crossbow Agility 284
Fabled Mystic Staff Caster Staff Intellect 284
Fabled Elemental Staff Caster Staff Intellect 284
Fabled Shapeshifting Staff Caster Staff Strength 284
Fabled Dark Staff Caster Staff Intellect 284
Fabled Wand of Elemental Caster Wand Intellect 284
Fabled Mini Dagger Main Hand Dagger Agility 284
Fabled Doubled Edged Axe Two-Handed Axe Strength 284
Fabled Combat Axe One-Handed Axe Agility 284
Fabled Broadsword Two-Handed Sword Strength 284
Fabled Frost Blade Two-Handed Sword Strength 284
Fabled Rapier One-Handed Sword Agility 284
Fabled Light Mace One-Handed Mace Stamina 284

To begin the quests for your fabled weapon you must first reach the Secret Expedition Area by speaking to Dudley, a mysterious dwarf found fishing off the docks of Booty Bay. Dudley will offer to tell you more about a secret location with an unknown operation going on. After he tells you all about the secret area, offer to go have a look. You will be teleported to the Secret Expedition Area.

Once in the expedition area speak to Dr. Drandruth and take the first quest.
Take the Research 101 quests in order as they are offered to you. The questline will send you to different parts of the world to assassinate different bosses. Below is the quest guide.

Quest Name Target Location
Research 101 : Part 1 Kill Oggleflint Ragefire Chasm
Research 101 : Part 2 Kill Randolph Moloch Stormwind Stockades
Research 101 : Part 3 Kill Ragnaros Molten Core
Research 101 : Part 4 Kill Lord Marrowgar Icecrown Citadel
Research 101 : Part 5 Kill Blizzard Arena or Wintergasp
Research 101 : Part 6 Kill Kuan Zar Secret Expedition Area

The final quest is to destroy the protector that has been lurking on the frozen lakes of the Expedition Area and return the Codex to the Doctor. After you complete all Research quests for Dr. Drandruth and returning to him with the codex you will be given the Coin of Fables. The coin is the official currency of the Fabled Weapon traders.
Once you have attained your Coin of Fables head to the large structure at the spawn point of the Expedition Area.

This multi level tower has many vendors inside, all offering different Fabled Weapons for the different classes.
Take your time in selecting since each character can only ever collect one Fabled Weapon.

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