The Crypt Guide

  • Explorable Area under Karazhan
  • Both Faction
  • Open PVP
  • No Level Requirement (suggested level 80)
  • IRONMAN Area (if you die you leave the area)

➡️ Well of the Forgotten
The Forgotten Crypt lies behind the tower of Karazhan, in the cemetery at Morgan's Plot. The purpose of the crypt was originally unknown.

➡️ Pauper's Walk
Long hallways which lead around the Forgotten Crypt. It is immediately accessed after you pass through the Well of the Forgotten.

➡️ Crypt
The crypt was originally never fully implemented because the mildly disturbing content would've made WoW's ESRB rating become M for Mature.

➡️ Tome of the Unrepentant
The Tome of the Unrepentant is an area in the Forgotten Crypt where a large pool can be found. There are also a couple of graves.

➡️ The Upside-Down Sinners
The Upside-down Sinners is an area in the Forgotten Crypt where humans are hanged upside down in the water with ropes tied to chains.

➡️ The Slough of Dispair
The Slough of Dispair is an area in the Forgotten Crypt. It is a room with a hole in the middle filled with excavation gear and a final boss.

➡️ Pit of Criminals
The Pit of Criminals is an area in the Forgotten Crypt where a pile of skeletons can be found.

To get into the crypts you will need to find a Black Summoning Stone from the Black Temple. The stones will drop, at a very low rate, from Dragonmaw Sky Stalkers, Bonechewer Taskmasters and the Bonechewer Workers. Once you find a Black Summing Stone bring it to The Black Guard who is also inside the Black Temple. The guard is located in the Illidari Training Grounds, see map below.

  • Various Epics
  • Common Transmog Gear
  • Wrath Classic Storage Box
    This enormous bag has 36 slots and can only be found at the end of the Crypts or by purchasing one from Slobb the Butcher in the travelling shop.
  • Fabled Arrows
    These legendary arrows due enormous damage as well as apply some buffs to your arrows! Get your Fabled Arrows from the loot at the end of the Crypt.
  • History of the Crypt
    If you are lucky enough to find one of these books in the Crypts be sure to read it. It contains a password which you can give to Zorgh in exchange for something special. Zrogh can be found deep in the winding tunnels of the Crytps.
  • Noob Tabard
    This special tabard is one of the only tabards in the game with armor, a cool proc spell and stats. You can get your tabard from the loot at the end of the Crypts.
  • Chipped Crypt Diamond
    These diamond shards can be collected from the foes in the Crypts as well as the end loot. Give these shards to Christopher Tailer at the Cryps entrance to upgade your Crypt Shirt.
  • Crypt Shirt
    Need some extra armor and stats, well this shirt is for you. Upgradeable up to 4 times this shirt goes from common trash to legendary item with just a few upgrades. Get your shirt from the foes in the Crypts.
  • The Cryptkeeper
    John Kassir, the famous Crypt Keeper will greet you before entering the intoo Crypt and explain about the magic that prevents resurrections. Be sure you understand how the Crypts work before you enter.
  • Christopher Tailer
    Chris is the master tailor located in the crypts who has the ability to upgrade your crypt shirt all the way to legendary. You will just need to bring him Chipped Crypt Diamonds from inside the Crypt.
  • Plaguehood
    Plaguehood is a chemist who can be found at the entrance to the Crypt. He has several quests to offer for explorers of the Crypts.
  • Zorgh
    Zorgh can be found deep in the crypts. If happen to have found the History of the Crypt and figured out the password, he has a very special gift for you.

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