Weekly Dalaran Chest

Hidden in the sewers of Dalaran in an enormous chest that can be opened up once per week using a Weekly Chest Key. The weekly key can be earned from speaking to the chest keeper and completing the weekly quest he provides you.

  • Exclusive Crypt Lantern
  • Enraged Fiery Soul
  • Wrath Classic Token
  • The Dalaran Hook
  • Steel Brainsmasher
  • Silent Crusader
  • Mini Spirit Blade
  • Electrified Blade
  • Reins of the Albino Drake
  • The Blizzard Axe
  • Sword of Likwid
  • Gloomheart Longbow
  • Staff of Azeroth
  • Guardian Angel
  • Champion of Dalaran Glove
  • The Thunder Pole
  • Emblem of Frost
  • Chipped Crypt Diamond
  • Black Summoning Stone
  • Nightmare Tonic
  • Demonic Mojo
  • Demonic Essence

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  • Weekly Dalaran Chest
  • Author : LikwidGaming
  • Source : Likwid Gaming

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