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Located deep underground beneath Ironforge, a devious battle circuit has been born. The dwarves of Ironforge and the Demons of the Outlands have teamed up to bring you a special Boss Arena. Here you can face off against many of your favorite retail bosses, but for way better rewards. You can gain access to this secret fight club in the sewers of Dalaran. There is no level requirement to enter but be warned, these battles will require at least 5 geared players to win.

Xavier Missions in the Dalaran Sewers will have quests that reward Arena Tokens should you be victorious in the arena. These tokens can be exchanged in the arena for amazing and unique items.

The featured bosses in the Arena change monthly.
Getting There
Even though the Arena itself is located in Ironforge you must get in using a portal in the Dalaran Sewers. Once you wind your way down the sewer tunnels you will find Xavier Missions guarding the portal on the eastern side.
Previous Combatants
So far, since the Arena has opened, the following bosses have battled :

  • Hogger
  • Taragaman the Hungerer
  • Coren Direbrew
  • The Phase Demon

Current Combatants
    The following bosses can be found in the Underground Arena until the end of December.

  • Blizzard
  • King Gordok
  • Mimiron
  • The Headless Horseman
  • Pathaleon the Calculator
  • The Twist
  • Devourer of Souls
  • Al'ar Sunbeam

Arena Loot
    All of the bosses drop the loot they have been assigned from the original instances. We have also thrown in some extra goodies. Below is some of the gear available from the current bosses.

  • Nightmare Rocks
  • Enraged Fiery Soul
  • Wrath Classic Token
  • Frozen Boots
  • Death Legs
  • Leggings of Light
  • Feet of Consecration
  • Blessed Wrath Boots
  • Boots of Death
  • Classic Boots
  • Earth Boots
  • Nature Leggings
  • Leggings of the Blade
  • Demonic Mojo
  • Demonic Essence
  • Arena Points (awarded to killer)

Arena Quests
Before entering the Arena in the Sewers of Dalaran you can find Xavier Missions, the Arena Score Keeper. Xavier has a questline that will walk you thru killing the current Arena bosses in exchange for Arena Tokens. The following Quests are available from Xavier.
! Underground Arena : Round 7 - Defeat Al'ar Sunbeam in the arena!
! Underground Arena : Round 6 - Defeat King Gordok in the arena!
! Underground Arena : Round 5 - Defeat Mimiron in the arena!
! Underground Arena : Round 4 - Defeat The Headless Horseman in the arena!
! Underground Arena : Round 3 - Defeat Pathaleon the Calculator in the arena!
! Underground Arena : Round 2 - Defeat The Twist in the arena!
! Underground Arena : Round 1 - Defeat Devourer of Souls in the arena!

Completing all of the quests will earn you a nice stack of Arena Tokens, Arena Points, the title 'The Arena Champion' and alot of gold.
Arena Rewards
Once inside the Arena you will find Jeremiah the Cunning, the Arena Guard. He offers players a wide variety of gear, goodies and more in exchange for Arena Tokens. Arena Tokens are earned from completing the Questline mentioned above from Xavier Missions. The following goodies are available from Jeremiah.
  • Gnomish X-Ray Specs
  • Deathbringer's Will
  • Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake
  • Jaina's Locket
  • Muradin's Favor
  • Tabard of the Lightbringer
  • Lucky Pouch of Tokens
  • Guide to Animal Transformation
  • Portable Hole
  • Belt of Dragons
  • Pillars of Might
  • Leggins of Woven Death
  • Armor Plated Combat Shotgun
  • Horn of Wrath

Arena Scorekeeper
Starting on December 10th, 2022 The Underground Arena will start keeping stats on the players who compete in it. If you visit the Arena you will see a new flaming green NPC named Twizzy. Twizzy is the official score keeper for the Underground Arena and speaking to him will provide you with several new stats including your total wins, the top arena winner and total player wins in the Arena.

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Top 5 in the Arena
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