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Located deep underground beneath Ironforge, a devious battle circuit has been born. The dwarves of Ironforge and the Demons of the Outlands have teamed up to bring you a special Boss Arena. You can gain access to this secret fight club in the sewers of Dalaran.

There is no level requirement to enter but be warned, these battles will require at least 5 geared players to win.

Xavier Missions in the Dalaran Sewers will have quests that reward Arena Tokens should you be victorious in the arena. These tokens can be exchanged in the arena for amzing and unique items.


High up in the mountain ranges of Kalimdor lies a secret area controlled by the demons of the Outlands. Over time this area was discovered by other races and is now a hunting ground for the Alliance, the Horde and the Demons.

This area is open world pvp and anything goes here. You can kill anything that moves.

This area is said to only be accessed by level 80 players who find the npc in Shattrath to escort them to the Wrath Mountains.


Take a journey through Azeroth and beyond to learn why there is a 2000 year old alien from beyond the Twisting Nether frozen in a block of solid ice just outside of Ironforge in a Secret Excavation Site. This new hidden area packed with new lore, new npcs, new quests and a new type of weapons for every class.

If you are new to the area take the expedition tour and learn all there is to know about this new secret area.

The only known access to this area is by speaking to a mysterious fisherman on the docks of Booty Bay.